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January 11, 2018

Sales Account Manager


Baltimore, MD


The Event Sales and Accounts Manager reports directly to the Sales Manager, and is responsible for identifying, targeting, contacting, contracting, and managing event accounts. In addition, the Event Sales and Account Manager will work in concert with the rest of the MSI sales team to establish and implement marketing strategies which will create a greater awareness of MSI’s capabilities and strengths to the event production market in general. Placeholder job description for Project Engineer.

• Attend weekly sales meetings prepared to make positive, informed contributions.
• Create and maintain a list of desirable clients and event accounts (client based and event based strategies) with an emphasis on large scale sporting, convention, festival, and broadcast events.
• Associate information with above list, including existing vendors, contact names, and information.
• Calculate and present estimated costs associated with acquiring specific accounts, including but not limited to physical facility, equipment, and staff items.
• Formulate and initiate a sales campaign, including personal and remote contact, live demonstrations, manufacturer endorsements, facility oriented value incentives, and provable client benefits.
• Provide pricing information/proposals to clients, using existing company structures and methods.

Of equal importance to new event sales, this position is concerned with maintaining existing accounts. MSI is dedicated to the goal of becoming the recognized leader in client service and support in the industry. The successful Event Sales and Account Manager will insure this level of service by being immediately responsive to client needs, maintaining clear and consistent communications, monitoring product quality, resolving any staff or equipment issues, documenting and certifying change orders, overseeing proper billing processes, and ensuring general client satisfaction by attention to detail.

• Insure that system designs are appropriate, well engineered, and neatly packaged.
• Insure that client requests are understood and answered.
• Insure that logistical issues and contingencies are planned for.
• Identify/recommend/review/recruit potential staff for hire.
• Manage on site staff, insuring that they operate as a professional, well organized, cohesive team who positively represent MSI at all times.
• Insure that pertinent information is consistently available to all team members.
• Inform MSI support staff of any logistical or physical requirements in as timely a fashion as possible.
• Observe and proactively adjust to changing client needs and personnel.
• Proactively support MSI’s position within the client’s organization.

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Sales Account Manager


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