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October 22, 2018

Systems Engineer- A2


Baltimore, MD

JOB DESCRIPTION - Systems Engineer - A2 

On days scheduled as show or show prep, the engineering staff will report directly to the appropriate account manager and receive their assignments. The show A2 is responsible for completing tasks as assigned by the show A1, and assisting in all ways the accurate and timely prepping and packing of the show.

• Review complete list with show A1 and confirm all system components.
• Gather assigned warehouse inventory items in the prep area as assigned by the warehouse assistant or manager. Confirm correct equipment items and quantities.
• Receive equipment from Mic Room and confirm against list for accuracy.
• Rack all rack units. Power and test all racked equipment. Program as required.
• Check for correct items in systems (i.e. wireless, com, etc)
• Check pack for expendable items (i.e. tape, batteries, etc)
• Check for personal items to load (i.e. toolboxes, suitcases, H/U boxes, etc.)
• Review and augment as required scheduled labor in conjunction with account manager.

On days scheduled as de-prep, all show personnel report directly to the warehouse manager. Show crews are required to de-prep all show equipment

• Check, repack and label all standard packages as show ready.
• Return all warehouse inventory to assigned areas.
• Remove ALL show specific cable labels as you restock the cable rack.
• Clean off ALL show specific case labeling.
• Un-rack all rack units. Return to mic room in working order, with system packages checked and complete. Return empty racks to proper warehouse area.
• Return all mic room items to mic room. Check
• Make note of any missing items in system packages.
• Clearly note any service problems for any equipment and inform sweep, mic room, or warehouse personnel as appropriate.

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Systems Engineer- A2

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