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November 06, 2018

Sales and Marketing Associate




The Sales Marketing Associate reports directly to the Sales Manager, and is responsible for identifying, researching, and cataloging potential event, sales, install, and rental opportunities. In addition, the Sales Marketing AssoCiate will work in concert with the rest of the MSI sales team to establish and implement marketing strategies which will create a greater awareness of MSI's capabilities and strengths to the market in general.

• Attend weekly sales meetings prepared to make positive, informed contributions.
• Create and maintain a list (data base) of potential clients and business opportunities (client based and event based strategies)
• Associate information with above list, including existing vendors, contact names, and information.
• Identify advertising opportunities, assess return on investment, and create appropriate content.
• Formulate and initiate marketing campaigns tailored to increase awareness of MSI across all related markets.
• Keep current with local and national industry periodicals for potential sales and rental opportunities.
• Keep current with local and national news for potential sales and rental opportunities.
• Track public sector sales and event RFPs.
• Establish membership in related trade associations and maintain MSIs presence.
• Solicit appropriate RFPs from all sectors for processing by the Sales team.
Of equal importance to traditional marketing strategies is a robust and proactive presence in digital and social media. MSI would like to be known as a leader in this arena. The Sales Marketing Associate will be responsible for:
• Maintaining and updating the MSI Facebook page with news and topical content.
• Identifying and maintaining emerging digital and social media resources to MSlsbenefit.
• Maintaining MSls presence in industry periodicals.
• Compiling a comprehensive company client database for marketing purposes.
• Creating and distributing a periodic "news letter" for distribution to existing andprospective clients.
• Insuring that pertinent information is consistently available to members.

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Sales and Marketing Associate

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