With our experience and capabilities, our clients trust us even in the most challenging audio production environments.

Dynamic Sound Production

Maryland Sound International (MSI) is an international, professional audio and live sound production company with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. For over 50 years MSI has taken the worry out of live event production. Our clients have confidence that they can rely on MSI to clearly deliver their powerful message. MSI ensures that our clients’ audiences have the best possible auditory experience. MSI excels in broadcasting sound over huge areas while making that sound crystal clear, impactful, coherent and easily understandable. 

We specialize in delivering great sound to any audience regardless of size, whether 4 million strong over a great distance, or for a 500 capacity audience intimate event. From our proprietary Hi Sonic speaker support systems used for decades on the Times Square New Year’s Eve events and many Presidential Inaugurations, to small speakers strung thru the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel in NYC for the Tunnels to Towers 9/11 Memorial Run, we are intent on everyone in your audience hearing every sound the way it was intended.

Why does MSI do what we do? The audience is the reason we exist. From our very beginning in the mid 60’s, MSI has worked extremely hard to inspire, educate and entertain audiences around the world. Starting in 1966 with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, MSI has provided tour sound for many of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and for many truly iconic events. From Pink Floyd at Versailles to multiple Papal visits across North America.

Today, MSI provides professional audio and sound services for many of the largest music, corporate and political events. With our lengthy experience and wide-ranging capabilities, our clients trust us in the most challenging acoustic environments. They trust us when others say it is impossible. We deliver the impossible, every-time, anywhere.

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