The 2021 Inaugural: A Mix for the Books

By benkrumholz.

“Whatever you heard on TV, the live sound was much better,” Bob Goldstein of Maryland Sound (MSI) says of the inauguration of President Joe Biden on Jan. 20, 2021. “The coloring, the quality — it was all terrific. The system was well done, but the mix was great. And when you closed your eyes and listened to the Marine Band… it was perfection.”

Inaugural 2021

Deva makes Times Square Debut at New Years Eve

By benkrumholz.


This year, Maryland Sound used new Deva multimedia devices powered by Powersoft as part of their system, providing security monitoring, emergency messaging capabilities, and ambient music, for the New Year’s Eve festivities. The Deva system brought a whole new range of functionality to the city’s most important gathering.